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hello - from your coach

hey everyone!

I wanted my first official blog post to come directly from your coach - as a welcome, and a hello!

This is a very important journey you are about to embark on. The biggest step, is the first step, and we're not all ready at the same time. If you are here today, I know this wasn't an easy thing. Maybe you just stumbled upon přijetí, and were intrigued by the name, or maybe we were brought together by the divine.

Everything happens in divine timing you know.

I'm proud of you to say the least. Proud of you for where you are in your life. Proud of how far you have worked to get to where you are. I am proud of you, for being you today. There is no one youer than you. You show up each day, some days are harder than others. Trust me, I know. So for you to be here today, is pretty darn amazing!.

I'm really excited to share přijetí with you, and I am really excited to be able to grow with you. I'm also really excited you have given me enough of your trust to be able to be vulnerable with me.

Until the next time - please continue to show up each day - even if you can't give 100%.



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